Is The Turkey All That’s Needed for Thanksgiving?

Published in The Geauga Maple Leaf, November 28, 2014
“Guest Column: From the Pulpit”

By Toni Alexander
First Church of Christ, Scientist

Thanksgiving – what a welcome time of year it is. We look forward with great eagerness to all the preparations, invitations, gathering with family and/or friends, and oh, yes, the yummy food. While we are anticipating all these traditional pleasures, deep down we know the significance of this annual celebration is much more. We know that we’re being called upon to take a break from our daily rituals to truly count our blessings. Even when we’re going through a rough patch, we can all find something for which to be grateful. Acknowledging the ways in which we are being blessed and giving thanks is, of course, the true purpose of the holiday.

But, aren’t most of us tempted to give only lip service to our recognition of the abundant good coming to us from our divine Parent, our Creator? To be truly worthy of our daily break is to never take for granted the blessings and love bestowed upon us by our heavenly Father-Mother. In our heart of hearts, we really do want to do the right thing. But, how can we be more alert, obedient and deserving? A few thoughts come to mind, which demand a somewhat more mindful consideration of our circumstances. We can make a personal assessment of our mental stance by asking these questions:

1. Do I see my cup of life as half full or half empty?

2. Do I show my sincere gratitude by mere words or by real deeds?

3. Am I honestly grateful for the blessings that come to others?

4. Do I doubt God’s ability to meet my needs by fearing and fretting?

5. Do pictures of lack, danger, failure and disease make me doubt His power?

6. Am I truly grateful for today’s good and thus be fitted to receive more?

7. Am I willing to share my bounty with those who are in need?

We can never run out of God’s blessings.

“They are new every morning,” it says in the Scriptures.

“God gives us His angels and, in turn, they give daily supplies,” says Bible scholar, Mary Baker Eddy.

True. We ask for our daily bread; it comes; and we gladly give thanks.